Clubhouse Rental Fees

Terri Asher, Clubhouse Manager   208-983-1299 (Clubhouse)

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Updated for 2018 Season

 The Grangeville Golf & Country Club is a thriving social center of golf aficionados.   But did you know your club or organization can rent our club house?  It’s a fabulous location 1 mile south of Grangeville with a lovely setting.  The club house has a large spacious event room capable of seating 75-125 people, a 1500 square foot deck and a staffed kitchen.  The following fees apply to rentals.   Call 208-983-1299 to inquire and schedule your event. 

Member and Non-Member Facility Fees
To Reserve The Club House

Member event when food purchased on site

Member event when food NOT purchased on site

Non-Member event when food purchased on site

Non-Member event when food NOT purchased on site


Member:  A member in good standing who has paid their $100 Grangeville Golf Course membership fee or is paying toward their membership fee.

Member event examples:  Wedding, wedding reception, anniversary party, funeral and other family events directly related to member’s immediate family.

Non-Member event examples:  Company picnics, political events, class reunions and other events of a non-member nature or member’s non-immediate family.

Food:  All or a significant portion of the event’s meal is prepared by the club; payment is made directly to the club.

Food not purchased:  When a significant or all of an event’s meal is prepared by someone other than the club.

Immediate Family:  Spouse, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, step-son or daughter, significant other.

Significant: This will be on a case-by-case determination to be made by the Board of Directors.

NOTE:  All alcoholic beverages for all events must be purchased through the clubhouse.  (State liquor regulations)