GCC Board of Directors

Dan Lustig    1/2019   President, Clubhouse Dir. co-chair   208-507-2323(C) dan.g.lustig@gmail.com

Marty Willis     1/2020   Vice President, Tournament Director   208-507-0509(C) marty.willis.i67f@statefarm.com

Julie Hauger    1/2020    Treasurer    208-983-6098(C)    jhauger123@gmail.com

Kevin Kehoe    1/2019    Secretary   208-983-2098(H)   kck01@qroidaho.net

Lance McColloch  1/2019   Greens Director   208-507-1963   lemcolloch@yahoo.com

Skip Hall   1/2021   Clubhouse Director   208-451-0288  walterhall268@gmail.com

Argil Jeffery   1/2019   Marketing, Membership   208-305-2691(C)   208-983-2305(H)   argiljeffery@gmail.com

Note:  GCC board meetings are usually held the first Monday of the month.  Meeting minutes will be posted on the clubhouse bulletin board once they are approved in the subsequent meeting.


Terri Asher                      Clubhouse Manager     208-983-1299 (Clubhouse), 208-420-2265(C)   asherterri@gmail.com

Tyke Trogdon                 Greens Superintendent    208-983-1299 (Clubhouse), 208-954-9920(C)   Ttrogdon1@gmail.com

Julie Hauger                  Handicap Representative    208-983-6098(C)   jhauger123@gmail.com

Joe Forsmann Accounting              Bookkeeper

Steve Higgins                 Men’s Association   208-983-7118   mc2coyote@gmail.com

Cindy Hall                       Women’s Association   cynthall@hotmail.com